K6m & BKm Media Headphones (ASH/CTIA)


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K6m and BKm headsets are fit with a replaceable 3.5mm CTIA/ASH standard cable. They can be adapted to USB format by adding our USB-CTIA headset adapter ($6 with the purchase of the K6m or BKm headset). This replaceable/interchangeable cable design also makes future interconnect upgrades possible without the necessity of purchasing a complete new headphone.

Our proprietary Springboom™ microphone utilizes a background noise reducing uni-directional electret capsule. This helps assure consistently high quality performance acquiring a student’s voice when they are using programs that record their voice or use their voice for control.

To help visually differentiate, K6m headsets are light blue & white; BKm headsets are grey & white.  K6m are generally the “best fit” for Pre-K through 4th grade and the BK series become the go to design for grade 5 to adult use.

Please have a look, order evaluation units and let us know what you think.  We’re confident their performance will exceed your expectations.

Additional information

Weight .42 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.88 in

4 thoughts on “K6m & BKm Media Headphones (ASH/CTIA)

  1. Can these be used with a regular computer headphone jack? Do you offer a headphone with mic that does not have a removable cord?

    1. Somehow this message was buried in our site inbox. We do NOT have a media model with a fixed cable. We made a decision to use replaceable because cables represent more than 90% on headphone failures across the industry. We wanted to offer a solution that would make field service/repair easy and economical.

      Ted Simons

      1. Making a site review today, I noted we have NOT replied to your question. Please accept my apology. SchoolPHONES cables are round 3.8mm diameter to improve strength, reduce chew damage and improve tangle resistance.

        Ted Simons

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