BKm – “Big Kids” (Grade 5+) MEDIA HEADSET


Robust headphones for grade 5 and up, with replaceable / interchangeable ear cushions, cables and fixed SpringBoom™ microphones. Durable with high-quality sound and a sleek grey/white design.  Add USB-A compatibility for only $6 with purchase!

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BKm Headset with isolated & accurate fixed SpringBoom™ microphone technology. Supports replaceable / interchangeable cables

The BKm headsets from SchoolPHONES® are designed to meet the needs of older students, featuring a sleek grey and white color scheme that looks professional and stylish. These headphones come equipped standard with a replaceable 3.5mm CTIA/ASH cable, making them adaptable and future-proof. We also offer a variety of cable options, including magnetic breakaway varieties designed to prevent damage from students pulling away from the computer or tablet with their headphones still on.

Our proprietary SpringBoom™ microphone stands out by reducing background noise and ensuring clear, high-quality voice capture—ideal for recording or voice-controlled applications. Additionally, both the cables and ear cushions are replaceable, ensuring hygiene and longevity. We offer these and other hygiene products in our store.

Key Features:

  • Supra-Aural (On-Ear) Design: Comfortable and lightweight, perfect for older students.
  • 30mm Neodymium Driver: Provides detailed, high-quality sound for better learning and more accurate testing.
  • Durable Headband Material: Robust yet gentle, designed to not pinch the head or ears for optimum long-term wearing comfort.
  • Replaceable Cable: Features a thick, robust 3.8mm diameter, ensuring chew resistance and tangle-free use.
  • Customizable Connections: Easily upgrade or replace cables and ear cushions without buying new headphones.
  • Clear Communication: SpringBoom™ microphone ensures top-notch voice quality.
  • Hygienic: Designed for one headphone per student to combat head lice and other diseases.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer the same low direct-to-manufacturer price whether you order one unit or one thousand. The more we sell, the more affordable we can make them for everybody!
  • One-Year Warranty: Comes with a no-nonsense one-year warranty in individual use cases (90 days in shared environments) for peace of mind.

Additional information

Weight .42 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.88 in

1 review for BKm – “Big Kids” (Grade 5+) MEDIA HEADSET

  1. Barb Hobe

    Can these be used with a regular computer headphone jack? Do you offer a headphone with mic that does not have a removable cord?

    • SchoolPHONES™

      Somehow this message was buried in our site inbox. We do NOT have a media model with a fixed cable. We made a decision to use replaceable because cables represent more than 90% on headphone failures across the industry. We wanted to offer a solution that would make field service/repair easy and economical.

      Ted Simons

    • E

      Do these have a regular headphone audio jack cord? The type that is round?

      • SchoolPHONES™

        Making a site review today, I noted we have NOT replied to your question. Please accept my apology. SchoolPHONES cables are round 3.8mm diameter to improve strength, reduce chew damage and improve tangle resistance.

        Ted Simons

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