K6 / BK Series – Replacement Ear Cushions (50 pairs per bag)


47mm High density one-piece hypoallergenic foam replacement ear cushions for SchoolPHONES K6 and BK series headphones. (50 pair pack)

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Replaceable Foam Ear Cushions: Extending the Life of Your K6 and BK Headphones

Keep your K6 and BK series headphones in top condition with our high-quality replaceable foam ear pads. Designed for easy replacement, these foam ear pads help maintain the comfort and hygiene of your headphones, ensuring a clean and comfortable listening experience for students.

Key Features:

  • Hygienic: Easily replaceable to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs and head lice.
  • Comfortable Fit: Made from soft, durable foam that provides long-lasting comfort during extended use.
  • Easy to Replace: Simple design allows for quick and hassle-free replacement of old or worn-out ear pads.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Specifically designed to fit K6 and BK series headphones perfectly.
  • Bulk Packaging: Each pack contains 50 pairs of foam ear pads, making it easy to keep your headphones in top condition.

Enhanced Hygiene and Comfort: Regularly replacing ear pads helps keep headphones clean and sanitary, which is especially important in shared environments like computer labs or libraries. Fresh foam ear pads also provide a more comfortable listening experience for students, enhancing their focus and enjoyment during use.

Affordable Pricing: We offer replaceable foam ear pads at direct-to-manufacturer pricing, ensuring they remain affordable whether you order a few packs or in bulk. The more we sell, the more affordable we can make them for everybody!

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 5.75 × 1.75 in

1 review for K6 / BK Series – Replacement Ear Cushions (50 pairs per bag)

  1. jstn_matthews

    Can you purchase in smaller amounts? I have two sets of headphones for home use with my children, not an entire class or school?

    • SchoolPHONES™

      Call our office and this can be arranged. 800.286.3481.

      • Der Vang

        I’m not a teacher but can I still purchase these items?

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