BKm-CTIA Media Headphone


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BKm headsets are fit with a replaceable CTIA/ASH standard cable. They can be upgraded to USB-A format by adding our USB-CTIA headset adapter.  This allows these headsets to be used with most contemporary computer/tablet interfaces. (contact us regarding Apple lightning and USB-C applications)

Our proprietary microphone boom delivers consistently high quality performance acquiring a student’s voice when they are using programs that record their voice or use their voice for control.

Please have a look, order evaluation units and let us know what you think.  We’re confident their performance will exceed your expectations.


Additional information

Weight .42 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.88 in

6 thoughts on “BKm-CTIA Media Headphone

    1. We use high density foam for the ear cushions. This is the same material used for commercial call center headphones. It is extremely durable and comfortable. Regarding our warranty…in a one student/one headphone model we warrant the headphones for 1 year from in service date. We ask you to note the date you place headphones in service by writing the date inside the headband with a Sharpie style marker. If headphones are used in a SHARED environment, the warranty is limited to 90 days.

    1. For adults, I would recommend the BK series. The headband for the K6 series is scaled to fit small heads. It is ideal for Pre-school to about Grade 4.

    1. Yes. BKm and K6M work with essentially any device fit with a four pole headset jack wired to the CTIA standard Tip position = Left Ear; Ring one position = Right Ear; Ring 2 position = common connection and Sleeve contact = Microphone +.

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