SchoolPHONES™ is a division of “connections unlimited inc.” –
the master US distributor of hearing & speech enhancement products
manufactured by Enhanced Listening Technologies Corporation.



Best known for ChatterVOX™ (voice amplification systems), AudioLINK™ (assistive listening systems) & SchoolPHONES™ brand headphones & media accessories for education, Enhanced Listening Technologies strives to develop well designed, high quality, effective hearing and speech solutions at affordable prices.


Since 1997 we have been providing kids / children,  schools and parents with hygienic, one-per-student headphone solutions at prices parents, organizations, schools and districts can afford. 22 years after launching our original SP-1 we have just launched an entirely new selection of SchoolPHONES™ solutions. We’ve built on what we’ve learned from teachers, students and parents. Design and engineering have all gone under the microscope with the objective of making better, more reliable products while paying close attention to the pocketbooks of our valued customers.



Latest News:

Our new range of SchoolPHONES™ has arrived in our warehouse!

    • K6d introduces a “step-up” headphone that incorporates a detachable/replaceable cable.


    • K6m is a “media” headphone version of K6d with detachable/replaceable cable that, like all our media headphones, is fit with an ASH (American Standard Headset) compatible plug.


    • Lab Partner Jr.  We recognize that there are circumstances and situations where headphones must be shared.  We remain, nevertheless, committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of sanitation and hygiene.  LP Jr. is a ROCK SOLID circumaural headphone designed to give district years of reliable service.  Both ear cushions and cables are replaceable/renewable.


    • Lab Partner Jr-media adds a durable detachable “constant position” condenser boom microphone to our durable Lab Parnter Jr. This new high quality microphone (also available as an upgrade accesssory for the Lab Partner Jr.) is designed to assure optimum performance with software that requires quality recorded voice input.


  • Lab Partner.  Like Jr, the LP headphone is a circumaural headphone designed for use by older students.  Great sound….solid build….replaceable cable and a fair price.

New Products on the Horizon:

    • April 15: Lab Partner accessory plug-in microphone.  This quality electret condenser microphone is designed to convert the Lab Partner into a full media headset simply by chaning the plug-in cable.  It’s designed to assure optimum performance with software that requires recorded voice input


    • USB SchoolPHONES™: We recognize some schools require USB headphones for their computers and some specialized software.  We have been hesitant to enter this market due to the high cost of a USB Chipset that can deliver the quality schools deserve at an affordable price.  Making a headphone with a dedicated chipset would drive cost up significantly and waste that chipset if a cable were damaged, cut or chewed. Cheap, copycat chipsets simply weren’t worth considering. We have been diligently working on a reasonably priced, durable, high quality USB interface to adapt any and all of our headphone styles for computers that require a USB style headphone or headset for specialized applications.  We expect to announce we have succeeded in these efforts in the very near future and hope to have a test production in the market before the end of this school year.


  • “ChatROOM” for “Back to School”:  We’ve completed engineering and are ramping up production for our new “ChatROOM” 4 port collaboration system.  “ChatROOM” will provide an electronic “break out” work space in your classroom. Using standard ASH compatible headsets, up to four students can “huddle” with full duplex audio and the ability to connect that collaboration via computer to software of students at other locations.

Send us an email via our CONTACT PAGE, and we’ll be happy to keep you informed as these exciting new chapters in the SchoolPHONES™ story continue to unfold.


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