USB-A/headset audio adapter



High performance USB audio chipset adapts USB-A to 3.5mm CTIA headset or stereo headphone.

Economical, reliable and flexible solution for USB headphone applications.

$8.00 when purchased with headphone.


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  • Adapts 3.5mm stereo headphones, CTIA headsets and other audio components to computers requiring USB-A connection
  • Saves money by sharing costly Audio Chipsets with multiple headphones/headsets
  •  Prevents waste associated with Chipsets discarded when headphone cables break or are “chewed”.
  • Follows CTIA/ASH wiring configuration
    • CTIA = Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
    • ASH = American Standard Headset
    • Tip = Left; Ring 1 = Right; Ring 2 = Common; Sleeve = mic

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .25 in

2 thoughts on “USB-A/headset audio adapter

  1. When checking out it still shows the regular price but I’m purchasing 2 as I’m also purchasing 2 sets is elementary age headphones. How do I get the price to show up as $6 each in the total to check out?

    1. When you’re purchasing the media headsets with the USB adapter included you’ll find them as an individual item on the website. K6m and BKm do not include the adapter. K6m-USB and BKm-USB include the adapter at the discounted price. If you have any problems, reach out or give us a call 800/286-3481 and we’ll help you out.

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