USB-A to 1/8in / 3.5mm CTIA/ASH headset audio adapter


High-quality USB-A to CTIA audio adapter with a crisp, clear chipset. Adapts any USB-A port to a media headset jack, compatible with 1/8in / 3.5mm CTIA/ASH wired headsets. Reduces wear on your device’s audio ports and brings audio connections to a convenient location. Available for $6 when purchased with any headphone. Check out the BK,…



USB-A to CTIA Audio Adapter: Reliable and Convenient Audio Connectivity

The SchoolPHONES® USB-A to CTIA Audio Adapter is designed to provide a high-quality, reliable solution for adapting any USB-A port to a media headset jack. Featuring a high-quality, crisp, clear chipset and a CTIA/ASH wiring configuration, this adapter ensures superior audio performance for both media and stereo headsets.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Chipset: Delivers crisp, clear audio for an enhanced listening experience.
  • CTIA/ASH Wiring Configuration: Compatible with a wide range of headsets, ensuring versatility and ease of use.
  • Durable and Cost-Effective: Focuses strain on a $10 part rather than a $2000 computer, preventing wear and potential damage to your device’s audio ports.
  • Convenient Placement: Brings audio ports to where you need them, whether on the front of a computer, USB-equipped monitor, or a USB hub on your desk.
  • Protects Your Device: Reduces the risk of audio port damage from frequent plugging and unplugging, and prevents cable pins from breaking off in the port.
  • Special Offer: Available for $6 when purchased with any headphone in any quantity.

Why Choose the USB-A to CTIA Audio Adapter?

    • Enhanced Durability: By diverting stress away from your computer’s built-in audio ports, this adapter extends the lifespan of your device.
    • Improved Accessibility: Offers a practical solution for audio ports located in inconvenient places, making it easier to connect your headsets.
    • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for both media headsets and stereo headsets, providing flexibility for various audio needs.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .25 in

1 review for USB-A to 1/8in / 3.5mm CTIA/ASH headset audio adapter

  1. Christy Williams

    When checking out it still shows the regular price but I’m purchasing 2 as I’m also purchasing 2 sets is elementary age headphones. How do I get the price to show up as $6 each in the total to check out?

    • SchoolPHONES™

      When you’re purchasing the media headsets with the USB adapter included you’ll find them as an individual item on the website. K6m and BKm do not include the adapter. K6m-USB and BKm-USB include the adapter at the discounted price. If you have any problems, reach out or give us a call 800/286-3481 and we’ll help you out.

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