Supporting the educational community for more than 25 years…

At SchoolPHONES®, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, durable, and affordable headphones designed specifically for educational environments. Unlike typical off-the-shelf brands, our products have been meticulously crafted and refined over five generations spanning over 25 years in the industry. As a veteran in the children’s educational headphone market, we strive to meet the unique needs of students, teachers, and educational institutions.

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What Sets SchoolPHONES® Apart?

They’re Designed FOR Education

SchoolPHONES® are not just another off the shelf product. Unlike many headphone designs that begin as consumer grade product, SchoolPHONES® were designed in collaboration with a group of school teachers at the elementary school of our President’s then 6 year old son. Each model has been thoughtfully designed and refined based on feedback from educators, students, and parents, as well as our own ongoing evaluations. This evolutionary process ensures that our latest generations of product meet the ever changing needs of educational technology and maintain the highest standards of durability, comfort, and audio quality.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From the materials we select to the rigorous testing each product undergoes, we maintain strict standards to ensure that every pair of SchoolPHONES® headphones delivers exceptional performance. Where a previous generation has shown a weakness, the next generation corrects it. Currently, we are in generation 5, continuing our legacy of improvement and excellence. Our products are built to withstand the rigors of daily school life, providing reliable, high-quality sound that supports learning and development.

Our “Kid’s First” Mission

At SchoolPHONES®, we are driven by a mission to help children learn and grow. We believe that every child deserves access to high-quality educational tools, regardless of their circumstances. This is why we offer our products at manufacturer direct pricing, making top-tier headphones affordable for all. By not advertising or maintaining a large sales force or distribution network, we can pass the savings directly to you, ensuring that every dollar spent goes towards enhancing the educational experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Five Generations of Innovation: Our headphones have evolved over five product generations, incorporating the latest advancements and feedback from the educational community over 25 years.
  • Superior Durability: Constructed with unbreakable polypropylene headbands, chew-resistant cables, and replaceable ear cushions, our headphones are designed to last.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality: Featuring high-quality 30mm or 40mm mylar speakers with premium neodymium magnets, our headphones deliver crisp, clear sound for better learning and more accurate testing.
  • Hygienic Solutions: With replaceable ear cushions and optional hygienic earpad covers, we ensure that our headphones can be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, even in shared environments.
  • Tailored for Different Age Groups: Our product range includes models specifically designed for younger students (K6 series) and older students (BK series), as well as lab-use scenarios (LP series).

Our Product Range

  • K6 & BK Series: Robust headphones / media headsets (K6 for pre-k to 4th grade and BK for grade 5 and up), with our D and M models having options for replaceable cables, interchangeable USB-C connectivity and magnetic breakaway cables. Featuring a comfortable and robust headband. Crisp and clear sound. Priced so that every parent can afford to purchase one for their child without breaking the bank. D models offer a detachable / optional SpringBoom™ microphone and the M series media headsets feature a fixed SpringBoom™ microphone.
  • LP/LPJ Series: Designed for lab or shared use, the LPJ and LPJm models also feature replaceable ear cushions, replaceable cables and an optional SpringBoom™ microphone for clear and consistent voice capture.
  • SpringBoom™ Technology: Coil Spring mounted unidirectional microphones are a durable resilient form that provides consistent placement and clear, directional voice capture. Perfect for busy multimedia learning environments with a lot of background noise. SpringBoom™ technology also prevents the student from placing the microphone too close – or in the mouth – preventing the spread of germs and disease.
  • ChatterVOX® Voice Amplification Systems: The original waist pack amplifier, providing crystal clear sound to help conserve and reinforce teachers’ voices during class or to help students hear on field trips without vocal strain.
  • Accessories: We offer various adapters and accessories to support the audio needs of children in classrooms.

Easy and Reliable Warranty

We stand by our products with a straightforward warranty:

  • BK and K6 Series & Accessories: One-year warranty in single-student use scenarios, 90 days in shared use.
  • LPJ Series & Accessories: One-year warranty in both individual and shared use scenarios.

See our Warranty page for more details…

Join Us in Supporting Education

At SchoolPHONES®, we are more than just a headphone company. We are parents whose expertise is making headphones. We are your partners in education, committed to providing tools that help children succeed. By choosing SchoolPHONES®, you are investing in a product designed by professionals in the audio industry with care and dedication to enhance the learning experience.

Thank you for supporting our mission. Together, we can help children learn and grow, one headphone at a time.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our store or contact us directly. We look forward to partnering with you in creating a better educational environment for all students.

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