Dual 1/8in (3.5mm) stereo headphone splitter adapter


Share one stereo headphone output with two stereo or two mono 3.5mm headphones

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There are inevitably those times when you want two people to listen to the same audio source.  Perhaps it’s a computer or tablet.  Perhaps it’s a CD, DVD or…..showing my age…..a cassette.  I’m old enough to even remember RECORDS…are you?

This adapter will meet the needs of most of these devices.  If they’re old enough, you may require an adapter that changes 3.5mm stereo to 1/4″ MONO jacks.  We’ve got that too.

We pride ourselves on stocking quality accessories at highly competitive prices.  With that in mind, we offer you this simple useful adapter to keep in your adapter “toolbox” -Ted Simons

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Dimensions 2 × 1.25 × .25 in

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