SchoolPHONES “open canal” earphone



  • Concha fit earphone (NOT CANAL FIT)
  • 32 ohm 13mm neodymium drivers
  • 1.2m flat TPE cable
  • 3.5mm straight gold flashed stereo plug
  • Optic green color (EASY TO FIND)
  • Nylon mesh drawstring storage tote
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At SchoolPHONES, we discourage using “EARBUD” earphones.  As most earbud designs fit into the ear canal, our logic is two-fold.

  1. Earbuds create a sealed acoustic chamber between the speaker and ear drum resulting in potentially dangerous high sound pressure levels in the ear canal. Young listeners generally don’t comprehend the risks associated with extended listening at high sound levels.
  2. Sealing the ear canal leads to elevated moisture levels in the ear canal. This creates an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria and potential ear infection.

Nevertheless, the convenience of compact, pocketable earphones is undeniable.

Recognizing the attraction to use earphones/earbuds in school, we committed to identifying earphone solutions that achieved the desirable convenience while minimizing the risks enumerated above.  We have identified an excellent solution for “OLDER” students……Middle School and above.  These are NOT a solution for younger students.

  • SchoolPHONES “EP-Green” earphones fit into the “concha” of the ear (the small cup outside the ear canal entrance) without “sealing” it.  Fit is secured by “tragus” (that little flap of flesh over the ear canal). As a result, “EP-Greens” allow comfortable/safe levels of clear direct sound to enter the ear canal while allowing the canal to remain open to ambient sound pressure.
  • EP-Green’s” open fit allows ear to breathe naturally rather than build up bacteria-friendly moisture.  They may be sanitized by wiping with a soft tissue moistened with a disinfectant such as Lysol.  Avoid high alcohol solutions when cleaning plastic products.  Alcohol degrades the plasticizers and finish materials.
  • EP Green’s” come with a nylon mesh tote that protects them and allows any moisture that may have accumulated during use to dry.

If your school feels earphones are desirable for your older students, consider “EP Green’s” we’re certain you will be more than satisfied with their performance and “value”. -Ted Simons

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