(K6m) Media Headphone (ASH/CTIA) (100 pack)


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Master carton pack of 100 SchoolPHONES K6m stereo headsets  Buying in master carton quantities lowers shipping cost (we are less dependent upon algorithmic calculation) and saves us time preparing your order.  As a thank you for making our shipping process simpler, we add 10 pair of replacement ear cushions (a $10 value) FREE with each carton ordered plus.

K6m headsets are fit with a replaceable CTIA/ASH standard cable and can be upgraded to USB format by adding our USB-CTIA headset adapter ($6 with the purchase of the K6m headset.

Our proprietary microphone boom delivers consistently high quality performance acquiring a student’s voice when they are using programs that record their voice or use their voice for control.

Please have a look, order evaluation units and let us know what you think.  We’re confident their performance will exceed your expectations.


Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 15 in

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2 thoughts on “(K6m) Media Headphone (ASH/CTIA) (100 pack)

  1. I recommended purchasing 300 of these headphones for our K-2nd grades. They would have been great had the jack stems not been breaking off in our devices. In order to save the cost of purchasing replacement cords with the same weak jack stems or replacing the headphones, I have purchased cords from another company that are more durable. I am disappointed that they have not been more durable for our students. On the plus side, they were a nice size, light-weight and the head piece itself has held up pretty decent and I appreciated the extra ear piece replacements that were sent with our order.

    1. Dear Michelle, I hadn’t seen these comments before today. I’ve been out of the office and am behind in viewing them. I’m concerned about the problem you’ve raised. We have been trying to find the best match between pin hardness to assure durability while, at the same time, making the pin soft enough to fail before the receiving audio jacks in computers, laptops and tablets are damaged by torque or ripped from the PC boards of the units. Under the ear cushion of the headphones you receive, there should be a batch code. If you could check this for me, I would appreciate knowing so I can identify with pins were used. Whenever you have an issue, please reach out to me Ted@schoolPHONES.com. We are always learning and always seeking to produce a product that is reliable, well priced and sensitive to the vulnerabilities of the expensive hardware we connect to. The evolution of SchoolPHONES is dynamic and always under review. Your comments are a critical component of the engineering process.

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