SchoolPHONES to be affected by new tariff.

I am regret I must report that effective September 24, 2018 SchoolPHONES will be included in the President’s new 10% “tariff” on Chinese manufactured goods. We have stock on hand now now that is not affected. Unfortunately, a shipment about to leave the factory will be.

I will delay any price adjustment until affected stock reaches our warehouse and I will try to keep the increase to actual cost.

Years ago, as an undergraduate economics student I concluded tariffs are regressive, destructive tactics that ultimately harm consumers more than anyone else. They are, in the end, a TAX levied on consumers. There are more positive and constructive ways to deal with trade differences that TARGET ACTUAL OFFENDERS (such as banning imports from those who are accused of stealing intellectual property: ie: Xaiomi mobile telephones).   -Ted Simons